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Options for structuring alimony payments in a divorce agreement

In this volatile economy, you may have gone through times when your income was high and others when you barely made enough to pay the bills. Lots of occupations can involve large swings in income depending on circumstances largely beyond your control. In professional sports, for example, you may stand to make millions -- but an injury or lockout could change things suddenly. The same goes for entrepreneurs; new ventures can bring big payoffs or simply fizzle out.

A lawyer's advice can prove invaluable during divorce mediation

Visitors to this website might recall a previous post that discussed the lower costs of collaborative divorce compared with the more traditional contested divorce that must be litigated. The blog post also noted that the high costs of contested divorce keep many couples in unpleasant marriages. This phenomenon is true throughout California and many other states.

Collaborative divorce costs less than contested divorce

Any California resident who has gone through a contested divorce knows just how expensive and time consuming that type of divorce can be. A case can easily take more than a year to conclude, and former spouses often find themselves financially and emotionally exhausted, and sometimes embittered by the ordeal.

Divorce mediation is it important in California

Almost half of all marriages in the country end in divorce, and California is among the states with the highest divorce rates. The end of a marriage signals many changes to come and the very nature of a divorce may cause emotional turbulence and stress to the parties involved.

What are the alternatives to divorce litigation?

Due to the bitter feelings between estranged spouses or intimate partners, divorce is often acrimonious. Divorces can also have grave financial repercussions. Issues such as the assessment of spousal support, child support and child custody can become major points of conflict during a divorce proceeding. In such cases, out-of-court settlements for divorce related issues can prove beneficial.

Divorce mediation can help minimize the acrimony

Divorce mediation is a process by which estranged spouses seeking a divorce can negotiate terms and conditions that would be favorable to both parties in front of a neutral third party. Divorce mediation, however, is different from arbitration. While an arbitrator has the power to make decisions which can be binding on both parties, a mediator does not have any such authority. Most states, including California, allow mediation proceedings in divorce cases.

Divorce apps assisting in the separation process?

Technological advances have made life a lot easier for most Californians. Thanks to technology like the internet, smart phones and GPS, we have a wealth of information at the touch of a button. Another useful form of technology we can add to this list is smart phone applications for divorce. As one previous post has mentioned, new phone applications now strive to ease the stress of divorce by assisting couples in determining property division, child support and child custody arrangements. Reduced stress can lead to a higher likelihood of engaging in a collaborative divorce process.

Spousal support leads to garnished wages for California woman

A San Francisco woman's wages have been garnished after she refused to continue paying her ex-husband's spousal support, order after their divorce. The judge declared that $3,300 would be garnished from the California fire chief's pay each month.

New alimony bill considered by California lawmakers

California lawmakers are considering whether a victim of a violent sexual crime perpetrated by a spouse should have to eventually pay alimony to the abusive former spouse. This issue was prompted by a woman who was sexually assaulted by her husband and then recently ordered by the court to pay alimony and legal fees to her ex.

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