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Wife states husband's age as reason for high-asset divorce

As many California residents might know, a divorce typically provides life-changing implications for a couple. Two people who were once living in close proximity are now separated with lasting, sometimes, detrimental, effects to each partner's financial situation. For instance, if a divorce involves children, then issues involving child support and visitation must be settled. Alimony or spousal support is also another financial issue to be decided with a deeper impact if this financial determination involves a high-profile couple with high marital assets.

Alternative route a wise option for divorcing California couples

California is home to many high-profile couples from all walks of life. Their lives are fascinating to many people, and, as a result, these high-profile couples struggle to keep their most private and personal affairs under wraps. It may be fascinating to others to share the joyous moments of lives of the rich and famous, but it becomes very difficult for high-profile couples to safeguard their privacy from constant media glare when experiencing the most difficult moments of their lives. Probably, the most common among those difficult moments is a divorce where high-dollar assets are at stake.

Famous music producer divorcing wife of five years

Divorce can happen to any couple. Whether they've been together for five months or five years, a couple may encounter irreconcilable differences at any stage of their marriage and decide to split up. It doesn't matter how rich, famous or successful the couple may be, divorce is often times the best option for couples looking to move forward and begin a new stage in their lives.

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