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Child custody issues as they relate to your taxes

Knee-deep in tax season, many separated and recently divorced California couples are struggling with the added complication that separation has on finances and their tax returns. Property division, alimony, child custody and child support all potentially affect one's tax filing. For those California residents wondering whether to claim any or all of their children on the tax return post-divorce, consider an expert's advice.

High-asset divorce results in suit against Judge Judy

When a couple decides to divorce, it is often the first difficult division of many. After that comes questions of property division, child custody and alimony to name only a few. In a high-asset divorce, these issues get even more complicated as the amount of worth to be divided is so much greater. For a top producer and his estranged wife, things got dicey after the producer sold some $500,000 worth of dishware to his co-worker, the infamous Judge Judy, for only $50,000.

Divorce mediation in Marin County to improve

While obtaining a divorce can be emotionally trying, at the very least, separating couples can look to a court system that will oversee the complicated questions, such as property division and child custody, in a fair manner. That is the expectation at least, but for some California city officials, certain family courts could use improvements, in a big way, particularly when it comes to divorce mediation.

Planning ahead, how to handle property division

Valentine's Day has come and gone. Whether California residents celebrated the holiday with their significant, there is no question that for some, love was not in the air. While unfortunate, reality indicates that many relationships do not work and almost half of marriages fail. One expert recommends that before any California citizen ties the knot, she should first consider speaking to a lawyer.

Dual citizenship brings complicated concepts to child custody

In an era when international travel, trade and communication is frequent and relatively easy, it's understandable that relationships can begin and develop between a California resident and someone from an entirely different country. However, in the event of divorce, working with a jurisdictional and child custody issue across international borders is often quite complex.

Divorce apps assisting in the separation process?

Technological advances have made life a lot easier for most Californians. Thanks to technology like the internet, smart phones and GPS, we have a wealth of information at the touch of a button. Another useful form of technology we can add to this list is smart phone applications for divorce. As one previous post has mentioned, new phone applications now strive to ease the stress of divorce by assisting couples in determining property division, child support and child custody arrangements. Reduced stress can lead to a higher likelihood of engaging in a collaborative divorce process.

Protecting one's finances before marriage

This blog is primarily dedicated to divorce law and all things related to divorce. Most individuals, including California residents, would rather not consider the prospect of divorce before their wedding day. However, it is a smart and important step to consider one's finances even before marriage in order to prepare for potential property division in the event of divorce.

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