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Ensuring equitable property division following a divorce

Most divorces usually include property division. With the soaring divorce rates in California and the rest of the US, divorce related property divisions are becoming more complex than ever before. However, what remains important is an equitable division of property between the spouses.

Investments can play important role in property division

Investment and bank accounts are often overlooked in property division. They are, in some cases, pushed aside by the houses, cars and assets with sentimental attachments. True, not everything in divorce amounts to money -- sentimental value is also important. But in ensuring that a divorcee fights for what he or she is entitled to, it is imperative to consider the less obvious assets. By doing so, California divorcees may be able to reach a fair and equal property division settlement.

The importance of organization in California divorces

California residents in the process of finalizing a divorce likely have a lot to consider. With emotions already running high, divorcees may have to worry about child custody and child support arrangements, property division and the many other financial and emotional aspects that are inevitable with divorce. During this difficult time, divorcees have one ally that can help reduce stress and potentially better the chances of a favorable outcome -- getting organized.

Some think Facebook's success could lead to more marital breakups

As many Californians know, Facebook recently went public. This event created 850 new millionaires. A few experts speculate that such an occurrence will also bring a surge of divorces. According to one source, this occurred shortly after Google and Cisco went public. What is important to consider is that with a new surge in wealth comes more issues of property division including the division of assets, retirement accounts, artwork and bank accounts.

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