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Alternative route a wise option for divorcing California couples

California is home to many high-profile couples from all walks of life. Their lives are fascinating to many people, and, as a result, these high-profile couples struggle to keep their most private and personal affairs under wraps. It may be fascinating to others to share the joyous moments of lives of the rich and famous, but it becomes very difficult for high-profile couples to safeguard their privacy from constant media glare when experiencing the most difficult moments of their lives. Probably, the most common among those difficult moments is a divorce where high-dollar assets are at stake.

Things take an ugly turn in Collins-Grant divorce litigation

Statistics say that in America, almost half of all marriages end in divorce. Among other things, California is said to have one of the highest divorce rates in the United States. An event such as a divorce is often unpleasant and can involve a lot of heightened emotions. Divorce litigation may also cause certain financial changes in the family's immediate future and often involves many issues, from child support to asset division. Things may turn ugly as well if there is a substantial amount of assets to be divided among the people involved.

Emotions run high during high asset divorces

This blog is dedicated to sharing news and informing California residents on the intricacies, challenges and even benefits of divorce. One topic previously discussed is that of high asset divorces, which can be inherently more complicated than other divorces due to the large amount of assets to divide. Yet, one factor that should be discussed is the emotional toll such a complicated divorce can take on the separating couple.

Famous music producer divorcing wife of five years

Divorce can happen to any couple. Whether they've been together for five months or five years, a couple may encounter irreconcilable differences at any stage of their marriage and decide to split up. It doesn't matter how rich, famous or successful the couple may be, divorce is often times the best option for couples looking to move forward and begin a new stage in their lives.

Some of the highest asset divorces

California residents may know all too well the complications that are involved in divorce. In a state where the divorce rate is rising above 50 percent, a separating couple is no longer a rare event. The state of California, due to its many attractions to celebrities and dotcom success stories, also holds a large number of high-asset divorces.

Exposing income in a high-asset divorce

There are many things about the divorce process that make obtaining a separation from one's spouse a trying event. For example, going through the emotional strife inherent in losing one's partner is particularly troubling. Furthermore, determining complicated questions involving child custody, alimony and asset division can make an already contentious topic even more adversarial. When facing these difficult hurdles, it is imperative one have all the information up front in order to make an informed decision and obtain a fair result. Yet, in some situations, particularly those involving high asset divorces, one or even both spouses may not be honest about their earning power.

High-asset divorce results in suit against Judge Judy

When a couple decides to divorce, it is often the first difficult division of many. After that comes questions of property division, child custody and alimony to name only a few. In a high-asset divorce, these issues get even more complicated as the amount of worth to be divided is so much greater. For a top producer and his estranged wife, things got dicey after the producer sold some $500,000 worth of dishware to his co-worker, the infamous Judge Judy, for only $50,000.

Former California governor reunited with his wife?

Terminator, politician and husband - this former California governor has taken on many titles. Rightly so however, the last thing Arnold Schwartzenegger wanted to be known for is his alleged adulterous acts. Yet, a solid 15 months of media reporting on the separation and impending divorce of Schwartzenegger and his wife Maria Shriver seem to indicate that the private family strife of Mr. Schwartzeneffer will endure over his accomplishments. Fortunately, recent developments indicate that this bleak outlook may turn right around.

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