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The role of children in custody decisions here in California

If you are divorcing with minor children here in California, you may wonder what role the kids have — if any — in the custody decisions that you and their other parent are making. While the state has laws in place designed to shield kids from the harsher aspects of their parents' divorces, the state also provides a venue for older children to state their custody preferences.

Are you prepared financially and emotionally for divorce?

When you are a parent facing divorce, you have different challenges ahead than couples who divorce but have no children. Not only do you have to manage the plethora of emotions that you experience with your divorce, but you also have to be able to defuse your children's often fluctuating emotions regarding the split.

Blind-sided by divorce? We can help

You certainly weren't expecting to get served with divorce papers, yet here they are in your hands. You agree that you and your spouse may have grown a bit distant from one another lately. You may even have had some serious fights.

How does divorce impact a pension for public workers?

Property division is an important part of a California divorce. Issues related to property can lead to disputes throughout the process. While the most prominent disagreements are often linked to high-value items like a home, a business or valuable collectibles, retirement accounts can fall into this category as well. For those who worked in a state job, it is important to understand how their pension will be affected in a divorce.

How are personal injury damages split in property division?

California couples who are at the end of a marriage and getting a divorce will often have various levels of dispute about property division. Frequently, the law will have specific rules to address most issues. Some of the more common assets and properties that will result in acrimony and a back and forth as to whom will get what are a marital home, motor vehicles, bank accounts, retirement accounts and collectibles. There are, however, other properties that can lead to tension in a divorce.

Post-holiday divorce is common across the nation

Family issues and the decision to divorce can come about at any time of year. However, there are certain times of the year when divorce is more common. Californians who are in the middle of a dispute with their spouse and are contemplating the end of a marriage might scoff at the idea that there is a correlation between a certain month and divorce. But, for couples who are experiencing problems in the relationship and are thinking about whether they want to move on, the holiday season and its accompanying stresses could be the breaking point. If this is a consideration, it might be beneficial to contact an experienced divorce attorney.

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