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What should I know about medical child support in a divorce?

In a California divorce, those with children should be aware of various issues related to child support. Most will think about the monthly payment as a means to ensure that their child's best interests are met and their basic needs are provided. It is easy to forget that in addition to a home, clothes and other important items for the child's well-being, medical support will be needed. With any concern related to family law and support, legal help can be critical to an effective resolution.

Handling the end of a marriage after retiring can be difficult

Divorce is difficult at any age, but, if the end of a marriage comes after people have already retired, it is even more complicated. Californians categorized as baby boomers who are contemplating a divorce might not know where to turn or what steps to take. These divorces are commonly referred to as "gray" divorces, but, regardless of how they are described, people should be cognizant of the foundational factors and be fully prepared.

Is legal separation a better option for me than divorce?

California couples who are at or near the end of a marriage will automatically consider how to move on. With the various factors that must be assessed in this process, a fundamental concern is whether a divorce is the preferable strategy or not. For some, a legal separation is preferable to divorce. There can be a litany of reasons for this. When coming to a determination, however, it is wise to understand all the ramifications of the choice they make and if a legal separation is better for their circumstances. Understanding the details of a legal separation is key.

Modifying an order for child support or alimony in California

Californians who have endured the stresses and burdens of divorcing a spouse often think that the order and judgment for divorce has settled that part of their lives forever. Unfortunately, life is never certain, and the issues that proved so contentious during the divorce proceeding can often reemerge if circumstances change. Two of the issues that most commonly reappear are child support and spousal support.

Navigating a "gray" divorce can be complicated

A rising phenomenon in California and across the nation is a so-called "gray" divorce in which older people have decided to end their marriages. While there are fundamental personal factors that must be considered in the context of all divorces, it is important to understand a gray divorce and its impact.

What are the key parts of a parenting plan?

Children are often caught in the middle of a California divorce. While parents are usually vigilant about adhering to their child's best interests, there can be complications and problems with custody and visitation rights. This is one of the most common sources of disputes in divorces. There are key aspects of parenting plans that must be understood as the case moves forward. When getting a divorce, having legal advice is critical from the start.

When will prenuptial agreements be considered voluntary?

California premarital agreements -- also referred to as prenuptial agreements or prenups -- are common. These are often used in marriages where there are significant assets at stake, but people can have them for a variety of reasons that transcend simple finances. Of all divorce legal issues that people encounter and result in dispute, the way in which property and assets are split at the end of a marriage is one of the most contentious.

How does a vocational skills counselor impact spousal support?

When a California couple gets a divorce, one of the concerns that will be important is the possibility of spousal support. Alternatively referred to as alimony, this is a frequently contentious issue with a spouse being ordered to pay for the other spouse's upkeep until that spouse can self-support. It could last for an extended period. Many factors go into determining how much the spousal support will be and its duration. One issue that many might not be aware of is the possibility that the court will order the prospective supported spouse to take part in an examination with a vocational training counselor. Understanding what the law says about this possibility is important to a case.

How does the length of the marriage impact spousal support?

There are many factors that will be important when a judge makes various decisions in a California divorce case. The divorce legal issues are vast and can impact multiple areas of the couple's life. Particularly contentious is spousal support. Perhaps the spouse who is set to be ordered to pay does not feel the amount the supported spouse is asking for is fair. The supported spouse might view things in the exact opposite frame. One factor that will be part of the process is the length of the marriage and how that fits in with how much will be paid.

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