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Why mediating your divorce can leave you in a better place

In the final weeks and months of your marriage, it may have seemed as if the two of you couldn't agree on anything together. Ultimately, this intransigence and refusal to meet each other halfway took its toll on the union between you and led to your marriage's demise.

What must be part of the child custody mediation process?

When a California couple ends a marriage, one of the major concerns they will face is how to deal with child custody. For situations where the parties might be able to come to an amicable agreement, mediation could be a wise alternative to litigation. It is important to understand the mediation process from the beginning. It is also advisable to have legal representation.

How a mediator can help with a child custody case

For Californians whose marriage is at an end, it does not necessarily need to be a contentious situation as they battle over every issue. Mediation could be an alternative with a variety of factors that will arise in the proceeding. One of the most pressing is child custody. While the parties might have a desire to be the custodial parent, it is a subject that is open to negotiation. That is here a mediator can help to smooth the process, avoid rancor, and have both parents take part in a decision that they have agreed upon. Knowing what happens in mediation is vital. It is also wise to have legal assistance from an attorney.

What is the legal purpose of child custody mediation?

Many people in California would agree that it is preferable to settle child custody issues through a mutual agreement between the child's parents, rather than having to resort to litigation that pits one parent against the other. Mediation can be beneficial to get all the parents' concerns into the open, so they can find common ground and perhaps formulate their own agreement without the need for judicial intervention. With child custody mediation, it is important to understand the purpose of it, the standards and the rules under state law.

Is divorce mediation a path to resolve my situation amicably?

There is a perception that every California divorce must be contentious and filled with dispute. For some, that is true. However, many divorce cases can be resolved amicably through mediation. This can save money and time while simultaneously allowing the participants to remain on cordial -- or even good -- terms. For those with children or whose circumstances will remain linked possibly through a business entanglement, this can be beneficial. It is important to understand how mediation works and to determine if it is the right path for you.

Can divorce mediation help with a contested divorce?

When there is a divorce in California, it is better for everyone if the couple can come to an agreement or at least be flexible in their demands as to how the process plays out. Unfortunately, the goal of an uncontested divorce is frequently unrealistic, and there are issues that can be difficult to settle. However, going to court is not always necessary. Instead, mediation might be useful way for a couple to work through their issues and settle their divorce.

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